Procurement Cards

Most current BMO p-CARD affiliate user report:  March 2019 YTD Report

MASBO P-Card Program: July 2018 Rebates


MASBO has joined several other ASBO's across the U.S. and Canada, to offer
its members a procurement card that gives districts full control. 


Take a look at the many benefits: Illinois ASBO's Procurement Card Program


School District P-Card Application Instructions

1. P-Card Checklist
2. Sample Board Resolution
3. BMO Member Account Agreement

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing, after sending your completed application
packet to MASBO:

BMO Spend Dynamics Tips

Purchasing Handbook

Please send your annual audits to BMO one of the following ways each year:
Email:  or Fax:  312-293-5811
Mail (overnight or tracked is suggested):
BMO Harris Bank, Institutional Markets 5/C, Attn: Jeremiah Wallen, 111 W Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603

Montana School District audits can be found on the
Montana Department of Administration Local Government Services website
using search in the upper right hand corner.







MASBO  |  900 N. Montana Ave., Suite A5, Helena, MT 59601  |  406-461-3659 (D) or 406-461-8804 (M)

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