Procurement Cards

Most current BMO p-CARD affiliate user report:  October 2018 YTD Report

MASBO P-Card Program: July 2018 Rebates


MASBO has joined several other ASBO's across the U.S. and Canada, to offer
its members a procurement card that gives districts full control. 
Take a look at the many benefits:
Illinois ASBO's Procurement Card Program


To apply for a Procurement Card, please follow p-Card Application Checklist
Complete paperwork with two admins (business manager/clerk, supt, teacher, board
member etc.) 

1. P-Card Checklist
2. Sample Board Resolution
3. BMO Member Account Agreement
4. Organizational Set Up Form & Authorization Controls (print at least 2 copies; one
   for each program admin)


Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing, after sending your completed application
packet to MASBO:




BMO Spend Dynamics Instructions

Purchasing Card Handbook


Please send your annual audits to BMO one of the following ways each year:
Email:  or Fax:  312-293-5811
Mail (overnight or tracked is suggested):
BMO Harris Bank, Institutional Markets 5/C, Attn: Jeremiah Wallen, 111 W Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603


MASBO  |  900 N. Montana Ave., Suite A5, Helena, MT 59601  |  406-461-3659 (D) or 406-461-8804 (M)