P-Card Program

Most current BMO p-Card reports

March 2024 YTD
July 2023 MASBO Annual Rebate Report


MASBO has joined several other ASBOs across the U.S. and Canada to offer
its members a procurement card that gives districts full control. Take a look
at the many benefits:
Illinois ASBO's Procurement Card Program

p-Card Application Instructions

1.Follow p-Card checklist
2. Complete Board Resolution & provide a copy of Board Meeting Minutes
3. Complete
BMO Member Account Agreement
4. Email your application packet to mroach@masbo.com

Allow 4-6 weeks for BMO processing


BMO Spend Dynamics Tips

Purchasing Handbook

Helpful SAMPLE forms you can customize for your use:

P-Card Policy
P-Card Use Agreement
P-Card Business Office Procedures
P-Card Employee Procedures
P-Card Lost Receipt
P-Card Authorization Activities
P-Card Payment Authorization
P-Card Check Out

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