Mentor Program

In developing its long-range strategic plan in 2003, the MASBO Board of Directors identified as one of its major goals the implementation of a program to mentor new members to MASBO.  The MASBO Mentorship program was initiated in 2003 to fulfill that goal.  The MASBO Officers and Board Members feel that it has a responsibility to provide a comprehensive program of assistance designed to enhance the effectiveness of new School Business Officials in the performance of their job responsibilities.

For Mentor Program Information:
Contact MASBO Vice President, Rita Huck: or 406-967-2540


Role of a Mentor
Mentors will provide individualized support, assistance and guidance to newcomers or individuals changing positions within the school business profession.

Mentor Requirements

  •     Considered by peers to be knowledgeable in the field.
  •     Sets high standards for self.
  •     Enjoys and is enthusiastic about their field.
  •     Continues to update knowledge in the field.
  •     Active MASBO Members with at least five years experience in related field.
  •     Regularly attends MASBO meetings and workshops.
  •     Committed to be a mentor for at least one year.
  •     Positive Board & Administrative relationship.

Successful Mentor Traits

  •     Listens and communicates effectively with others and is able to provide constructive feedback.
  •     Recognizes excellence in others and encourages it.
  •     Commits to supporting and interacting with colleagues.
  •     Recognizes the needs of others and generally knows when to offer support, direct assistance or
  •     Exercise good judgment when making decisions concerning oneself and the welfare of others.
  •     Admits mistakes and learns from them.

Mentor Responsibilities

  •     Enhance the professional development and success of colleagues who are new, need to develop
        new levels of expertise, are making a career change, or wish to advance in the profession.
  •     Foster, convey and uphold the standards, norms and values of the school business profession and the
        MASBO Code of Ethics, available at
  •     Share knowledge, insights, materials, skill and experience with colleague.
  •     Offer support and empower the colleague to fulfill the profession's expectations.
  •     Commit to mentor relationship for at least one year.
  •     Commit to be available and accessible both in a structured and informal manner for the colleague,
        with a minimum of two contacts per month.
  •     Define, with the colleague, which roles are most comfortable and natural: listener, supporter, advisor,
        guide, counselor, role model, friend, nurturer or resource in the background.
  •     Rise above personal considerations, differences or desires when providing service to those who need
        professional help or expertise.
  •     Direct the colleague to appropriate Resource Committee or other resources for answers to technical or
        specialized questions.
  •     Support rather than undermine, through work or action, the relationships between colleague and others in the
         colleague's district.


  •     Will be designated for each region.
  •     Will serve as an advisory member to the mentoring committee.
  •     Must meet mentor qualifications.
  •     Will identify new business officials in their region with help of regional director and county superintendents.
  •     Will notify new officials regarding availability of mentor program, send letter of invitation to participate in the
         program and follow up with personal phone call.
  •     Will appoint mentor who agrees to serve with new officials desiring to participate in the program.
  •     Will periodically contact program participants for feedback on program structure, effectiveness of mentor
        relationship, etc.

MASBO Responsibilities

  •     Recruit new mentors.
  •     Provide initial training to mentors.
  •     Conduct follow up sessions periodically.
  •     Provide Mentor Handbook and other resources as needed.
  •     Evaluate the Mentor Program.
  •     Dedicate MASBO resources to maintaining Mentor Program.
  •     Review applications of potential mentors.   

MASBO Mentors may receive 4 hours for each year served.  A mentorship assignment requires at least 8 hours of involvement per year, as verified by the regional director. 


MASBO  |  P.O. Box 400, East Helena, MT 59635  |  406-461-3659 (D) or 406-461-8804 (M)

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