Fee Based Services

MASBO employs a full-time, experienced former clerk/business manager to help school districts keep the business office running during a clerk vacancy, when a new clerk needs training or for special projects. 

Interim Services

Interim services includes ensuring basic duties, such as payroll and claims, are covered while the district recruits to fill a vacant clerk/business manager position or when a clerk is away from the office on extended sick leave or other absence. Other services include balancing cash to the county treasurer or bank, preparing information for the Trustees Financial Summary and Budgets, data submission into MAEFAIRS, setting up for the new school year and compensation expenditure reporting.  Interim services also includes special projects that require extra work to address audit findings or to bring the financial records into compliance with state and federal regulations and deadlines.

On-site Training

Onsite training is available for new clerks to help them learn the variety of duties and responsibilities of the clerk/business manager position. Assistance and training in processes, such as claims and payroll, coding, balancing cash to the county treasurer, submitting reports to state agencies, elections, audits and audit findings or special projects can be covered at the school district office. 

Since every situation is different, it is best to consult with our Interim/On-site Trainer, to develop a plan.

Donnie McVee at dmcvee@masbo.com or 406-461-8667 

Request form can be accessed thru this link:  Interim Services/Training Request Form

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