Core Ideology



MASBO Mission Statement:
"MASBO is dedicated to training and supporting the people responsible for business operations of Montana Schools.  Our goal is to enable members to manage the business in order to support education for Montana children."

Core Ideology and Envisioned Future

"Core Ideology" describes MASBO's consistent identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant
  environment.  It consists of two elements:
1. Core Purpose-the organization's reason for being
2. Core Organizational Values-essential and enduring principles that guide the organization. 
   "Envisioned future"conveys a concrete yet unrealized vision.

Core Ideology
1. Core Purpose-To lead the school business profession by providing educational opportunities and a network of
    support services.
2. Core Organizational Values-
    Focused on members
    Committed to absolute integrity and accountability
    Embraces or respects Montana schools and their commitment to meeting the needs and differences of every child,
    every day
    Embraces change, innovation and new ideas
    Encourages involvement, collaboration and community
    Encourages a strong relationship between the school business office, the superintendent and the board of trustees

Envisioned Future
    MASBO and its school business official members are recognized, respected, and consulted as the expert in the school business profession.
    MASBO will lead the professional development of all members and anyone who is interested in our field.


MASBO  |  900 N. Montana Ave., Suite A5, Helena, MT 59601  |  406-461-3659 (D) or 406-461-8804 (M)