Technology Workshops, Billings, Helena, Polson, November 2018
Data Security
Erate Overview

Excel Spreadsheets
Google Drive
Schoolhouse IT

MCEL, Missoula Oct 17-19, 2018
Building Reserve Funds Permissive Levies

New Clerk Academy Billings, Helena, Missoula Sept-Oct 2018
Property Appraisal & Appeal Process
Quarterly & Annual Payroll Reporting 

Summer Conference & New Clerk Academy Billings June 11-15, 2018
Access Care Presentation
FMLA Presentation
How to Survive Teacher Retirement 
Internal Controls Over Expenditures
Making Cents of Wellness
MCSBO Certification
Mindfulness Training
Montana Department of Labor Handout
NC-Budgeted Funds
NC-Coding & Claims
NC- Coding & Claims Handbook
NC-Preparing for the TFS
Payroll Manual Presentation
P-Card Organization
P-Card Policy
P-Card Use Agreement
P-Card Business Office Procedures
P-Card Employee Procedures
P-Card Lost Receipt
P-Card Authorization Activities
P-Card Payment Authorization
P-Card Check Out
P-Card BMO Spend Dynamics Instructions
Preparing for the Audit
Understanding Governmental Financial Statements
Understanding Governmental Financial Statements Spreadsheet
Unemployment Insurance
What's In Your Wallet

Budget Basics 2018
Budget Basics Presentation
Budgeted Funds 
Non Budgeted Funds

Spring Regional Workshops 2018
HB647 Chart: Impacts on Property Taxes
November 2017 Special Session Update 
Termination Pay PowerPoint

Budget Workshops-Bozeman, Missoula, Great Falls, Miles City, Billings 2018
Budget Workshop Presentation
Budgeting Spreadsheet

New Clerk Academy, Helena, January 8, 2018
SB307 Example Notice
SB307 Permissive Levy Impact
NC Checklist MAY
NC Senate Bill 307
Preparing for the TFS
TFS Checklist

MCEL-Billings October 18-20, 2017
Bus Driver Examples
Hours of Service Primer

School Facilities Financing & Planning -Bozeman September 14-15, 2017
Capital Project Accounting

Summer Conference & New Clerk Academy- Fairmont Hot Springs-June 12-16, 2017
ACA The Latest News
DCA & Free/Reduced Price Applications
General Fund Budget Presentation
MCSBO Certification
MUST Value Adds
OPI Potpourri Session
OPI Potpourri IDC
OPI SB307 MMA Calculation
OPI Potpourri SB307
p_card Statement Manager 
Payroll Manual Overview
Payroll Updates Review
Security Awareness
SPED Funding for Coops
TFS Day 1 Payroll Presentation
TFS Day 2 Finance Presentation
TFS Checkoff List
TFS Spreadsheets
TFS Certified Long Term Liabilities
TFS Retirement Incentives Liabilities
TRS Legislative Update
TRS New Clerk

Budget Workshops-Great Falls, Miles City, Billings, Polson 2017
2016 Budget Workshop Spreadsheet
2017 Budget Workshop Spreadsheet
2017 Budget Workshop Handouts

Region 2 Spring Workshop-Great Falls, March 3, 2017
Horace Mann-Department of Labor Presentation

MCEL- Billings- October 2016
What's in YOUR Wallet?
School Bond Overview

Facilities Planning Workshop-Great Falls-September 15-16, 2016
Accounting for Fixed Assets
Energy Performance Contracting Portal
Project Information Sharing-Kalispell
School Facilities Planning & Financing Considerations
Where to Start?

Veteran Clerks Workshop-Great Falls-September 14,2016
Gearing Up for the 2017 Legislative Session
New Overtime Rule

Summer Conference & New Clerk Academy- Billings-June 13-17, 2016
Accessing Membership Resources thru
Getting Ready for the TFS
How to Prepare the SEFA
Impact Aid I
Impact Aid II
Intelligent Unemployment Claims Response
IRS Audit
IRS Meal Info
Murray Banks Presentation Cartoons
Murray Banks Highlights Handout
Payroll Manual Overview
Payroll Updates Review
School Safety
Special Education Funding for Cooperatives
TFS Excel Data
Unemployment Insurance 101


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